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Supporting All Military Branches


Support With the Help of Others

This is Us - and Friends


Thank Our Military  ....

They Protect Our Freedom

SHAKE A HAND … when you see a man or woman wearing a hat or other identifying article of clothing demonstrating their service to our country shake their hand and say “Thank You”!

ACKNOWLEDGE our men and women in uniform with a smile and a “Thank You”!

DONATE to your local Veteran’s organizations whenever possible even if it’s $1.00!

GIVE of your time to support events that honor our Military Heroes!

WRITE letters or cards of thanks to our troops and veterans.

PRAY for our troops and veterans who suffer from physical, psychological and spiritual wounds.

TEACH your children:

  • What freedom means and how the USA is a free nation
  • The history of the USA and those who have fought to maintain this freedom
  • To respect those who defend this freedom
  • The Pledge of Allegiance
  • Patriotic songs

Many thanks to those who help us support our heroes.

  • Emily Hart for donating her time & artistic talents in designing our
  • Marist College Mens' Soccer team for lifting & moving help during Operation Santa 2014.
  • Marist College; Dr. Dennis Murray for his endless support of our organization; always responsive to requests of anything from 'man power' to donations of computers.
  • Embroideme Poughkeepsie Plaza, for their ongoing support.
  • Dutchess County DA's office for their generous support.
  • Safeguard Business Solutions Poughkeepsie office; Jerry Martin for generous support & printing.
  • Dutchess County Cadet Squadron Civil Air Patrol for frequent assistance with packing & lifting; Color Guard presentations at events.
  • MasterCard for support of SFPHV at the Purchase NY campus including several collections of needed troops and veterans items & ease of access to MasterCard debit cards for local veterans in need.
  • SSVF & Hudson River Housing & the DC Veterans Services staff including Nelson Eddy Rivera, Ed Reid, Anthony Kavouras, Jocelyn Johnson Kearney, Robert Jennings for endless support of veterans & collaboration with SFPHV.
  • Kieran Lalor & family for generous support of SFPHV & our local veterans and troops.
  • VFW Post 170 for our 'home'
  • BJs Wholesale for a significant donation to support our work for the troops
  • Marist College School of Computer Science team of: John Randis, Scott Hansen, Dinesh Mendhe, Peter Sofronas, and Dr. Donald Schwartz for the design and implementation of our website.
  • Robert Mehlich & Associates of the Poughkeepsie Plaza Mall for donating 55 inch tvs for our Veterans Day raffles.
  • Bill Kriebel for continually updating and training people to edit our website.
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