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About our Founder

Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley (SFPHV) was started by Marine mom, Paula Zwillinger, in 2004 upon realizing that there was little information available to support her when her son Bob enlisted. Despite not wanting her son to go into the military, when he finally did, she wanted to know all she could. Paula then went forward with the start of SFPHV as a way to help other Marine parents and eventually parents of other military branches. Support of the deployed troops by sending care packages was a way for Paula and other members to feel useful.

Sadly, Paula suffered a mom's worst nightmare when her son Bob was killed in action in 2005 in Fallujah.

Paula found solace in her continued work with SFPHV to support the troops and parents of active military. Over the coming years throusands of care packages were sent to deployed troops and to the wounded in hospitals. Through 2013 Paula and many others continued the mission to honor and support countless troops and their families throughout the Hudson Valley.

Because of Paula's work over the years, many lives were touched.

As life sometimes does, Paula was called to other responsibilities at the end of 2013, but many of the long time volunteer members chose to continue the work and the mission.

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