Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley

Supporting All Military Branches


Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley is a registered NY state 501C3 charity.

All members, including the board are volunteers and accept no compensation for their time.

100% of your donations goes to support our troops, and/or wounded and/or veterans.
All food or personal supplies that are donated are sent to our deployed troops or those who are wounded and hospitalized. In the event
that donations of items are made which do not meet requirements for shipping, these items are donated to local veteran facilities.

All money donated is put to direct use for our current deployed troops, our wounded and our veterans. Examples of the many ways
we use the financial gifts we receive as well as the money we raise are:

  • Shipping boxes of needed items (approximately $15.00 per box of which hundreds are sent each year)
  • Contributions to local veterans in need with grocery gift cards
  • Contributions to other local non profits (such as Fishkill Supply Depot which is protecting a Revolutionary War Cemetery)
  • Scholarships for veterans to assist in education towards new interests or opportunities
  • Support of other local non-profit agencies who support veterans and their families
  • Financial assistance towards adoption of pets through Hudson Valley Pets for Vets program

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