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Volunteer | Helmet Liners and Scarfs

Volunteers Needed to Help Make Helmet Liners and Scarfs

The Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley are made up of volunteers.  Volunteers are essential for our nonprofit organization.  We can use your skills when it comes to helmet liners and Scarfs for our troops.  Becoming a volunteer will help boost our power, lighten the load, and exponentially increase our impact.  By joining us you will meet new people, have fun, and know that you are making a difference.

Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley,New York

Helmet Liners and Scarves for Our Troops

For those with a gifted talent to crochet or knit, our troops are in need of helmet liners and scarves to be used for the harsh winter months. If you would like to make a helmet liner or scarf, please see the instructions below.

REMINDER: All yarn MUST be 100% wool and in selected colors of brown/tan/oatmeal.

PDF Instructions:

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