Our Next Monthly Zoom Meeting is November 13,  2022  @ 6:30 PM.

About Us

Always Faithful Friends & Supporters to All Our Active & Veteran Heroes
Help Support Our Troops

About us  |  Our Mission

Our Mission

Nurture the Living, Care for the Wounded, Honor the Dead.

Our Mission​

Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley (SFPHV) is a volunteer organization that has been active in the community since 2004. Started originally as a group for Marine parents, the organization is inclusive of ALL MILITARY HEROES and for ALL FAMILY MEMBERS, FRIENDS, and SUPPORTERS. While Semper Fi is generally associated with the Marines who adopted the motto as their own in 1883, the meaning of Semper Fidelis is ‘always faithful’. Regardless of which branch of the Armed Forces one may feel connected to, it is easy to feel ‘always faithful’ to all of our troops and our veterans…in support of everything they have given to us.

Semper Fi Parents od Hudson Valley,New York

How We Help Our Heros

Needless to say, the work to support our heroes is endless and we are always looking for new volunteer members to help with our efforts. Thankfully there are many wonderful organizations, large and small, throughout our nation who work to support our military in many ways. SFPHV does its small part through:

  • Sending needed food and personal supplies to our deployed troops (including ‘Operation Kindness’)
  • Our deployed troops are often in remote areas and only receive MREs (meals ready to eat) from our government.)
  • Participation in community events to raise awareness and give honor to our troops and veterans
  • Assistance to and collaboration with local veterans organizations to assist in meeting the needs of veterans
    Fellowship and support to families of troops
  • Ongoing fund-raising to support the 100% volunteer/100% monetary give-back to the troops and veterans
  • Please take some time to browse our pages and consider joining us…at a meeting or at an event.
  • Please consider supporting our organization so that we can continue supporting our heroes.
  • All donations and all of our efforts are voluntary. 100% of everything goes to our heroes and/or their families.
  • All gifts of time, talents, money, supplies for our troops and/or prayers are greatly appreciated.
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