These fallen heroes represent the character of a nation who has a long history of patriotism and honor — and a nation who has fought many battles to keep our country free from threats of terror.

 – Michael N. Castle


Become a Volunteer

The Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley are made up of volunteers. Volunteers are essential for our nonprofit organization. Becoming a volunteer will help boost our power, lighten the load, and exponentially increase our impact.  By joining us you will meet new people, have fun, and know that you are making a difference.

Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley,New York

Making Quilts, Blankets & Quillos

One of our most popular activities is making quilts, blankets and quillows (a quilt that is folded into a pocket attached to the back of a quilt) for wounded military members, families of local deceased military members, and local veterans. Our member who organized this project, and still leads it, is Joann Schmidt.

When her son joined the Navy in 2004, Joann read an article in the Leatherneck magazine about a group who made Comfort Quilts. She joined the group and worked with them until the founder of Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley, Paula Zwillinger, lost her son in Iraq. Joann and Paula went to area businesses asking for donations to make quilts for local heroes who were hospitalized. Joann’s son was stationed in MD at the time so he delivered quilts to Bethesda and Walter Reed Hospitals. Joann contacted Soldiers Angels and Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley started sending quillows to the hospital in Landsthul Germany.

During the annual Wreaths Across America event, Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley members brought quillows to Arlington National Cemetery. They presented quillows to some of the parents of the heroes of Extortion 17.

At first, the quillows were made in Joann’s house. Eventually, she was invited to work out of a local Assisted Living Center. Some of the ladies residing there were able to help with the quillows. Joann and the quilters are now grateful to be working in a building in Schlathaus Park, part of the Town of Wappinger Recreation Center. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, CAR (Children of the American Revolution), members from local churches and stores have all helped to make our quillows. They designed and signed the squares they made that were sewn into quillows. Anyone may volunteer to help and no sewing skills are needed.


Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley,New York

Helmet Activity

For those with a gifted talent to crochet or knit, our troops are in need of helmet liners and scarves to be used for the harsh winter months. If you would like to make a helmet liner or scarf, please see the instructions below.

REMINDER: All yarn MUST be 100% wool and in selected colors of brown/tan/oatmeal.

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